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Flu vaccinations 2017

The administration of the yearly flu vaccinations will take place on the following dates:

    • Friday 3 November from 2 to 3 P.M.
    • Thursday 9 November from 11 to 12 A.M.
    • Tuesday 14 November from 6 to 7 P.M.

During these scheduled times you won’t need to make an appointment. Just come at the correct time to the surgery and one of the doctors will call you in to administer the vaccin. Unfortunately we will only have time for the vaccination during these appointments. If you have other medical questions it’s best to book a normal consultation. To compensate you’ll only be charged €21 for the consultation.
Don’t forget to bring your flu vaccin with you.

If you’re not sure if you should be vaccinated against the flu, you can find more information through this link:
flu vaccinations

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